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Startup mobile incubator
Development Senior

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Our client has an emotionally satisfying task ahead—the systematic dismemberment of our existing PHP web system and its replacement with a beautiful and responsive React website. They're taking the opportunity to completely redesign and rebuild the website to bring the best UX/UI experience to our users. There is a world of possibilities open to them.

They’re still in the phase of finalising our tool-stack, though it looks likely that they’ll go with the minimal yet powerful Next.js framework for server-side rendering (SSR). They’re leaning towards React Context API over Redux.

The backend team is building a high-performance and high-volume scalable backend on the JVM using Kotlin microservices in a service mesh and they’re separating the front- and back-ends via OAS contracts using SwaggerHub.

They’re looking for architect developers with good taste and strong opinions to help:

  • Select the frontend tool-stack that will power us for the next five years
  • Lay down best practices that embed UX/UI experimentation (they are an incubator and laboratory)
  • Start to think about how they will build and architect a mobile dev team using React Native
  • Dismantle, deconstruct and dissect the PHP system, yet with the surgical precision needed to preserve its business logic intact and functioning. (Progressively replace it with microservices in Kotlin)
  • Define the culture of the team and its standards of excellence
  • Fully embrace this rare opportunity to create something exceptional from first principles

English level: Upper intermediate.

Time shift: Full time

Location: Amsterdam - Netherlands