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Python Architect Developer

Startup mobile incubator

Our client is looking for someone to take the lead in systems architecture and platform evolution. They have two main Python projects, both requiring Python technologists with solid architecture skills in data modelling, inter-service communication, data science / ML and a feel for business modelling and the mapping of core systems to commercial activity.

Because they will be jumping from OpenERP (Odoo) 7 to version 12—which implies a Python switch from 2.7 to Python 3—this is essentially a green fields project to think about how the ERP system should map to the business and what backend companion services they should build around it. They're separately building an internal innovation division which we want to leverage the ERP system to the max while remaining loosely coupled to it. That’s a tricky architectural (and business analysis) problem.

So, for that project they’re looking for these skills:

  • Strong data modelling skills in mapping business behaviour into system entities.
  • Good non-technical communication skills to engage with the business and understand the complexities of a multi-country logistics organisation.
  • System architecture skills around making key re-architecture decisions.
  • Lots of experience in inter-service messaging, understanding tradeoffs between synchronous and asynchronous event-driven styles.
  • Experience in Event Sourcing and CQRS designs.
  • Strongly opinionated around data architecture. These entities within the ERP really are the building blocks of our business; they define the DTOs right up into the React frontend.

They are also re-architecting other parts of the business from the ground up and building a data science team and platform for advanced data analytics. Our backend is moving to a service mesh configuration (i.e., a microservice architecture with service instance sidecars) and we’re using Kotlin on the JVM with Istio for that.

That presents an opportunity (long awaited) to redesign their data architecture. They’re a big fan of immutable data and our database design reflects that. It’s an immutable, append-only design (aka log-centric or Event Sourcing) implemented in Google Cloud’s Bigtable. 

For that work, the main skills we are looking for are much the same as above but with data analysis tools like ElasticSearch, Pandas and TensorFlow. Though, we’re at the start of that journey, so if you have some insight into better tools, we’re completely open to that. In fact, we positively want people to join their team with their own experiences, insights and ideas who can come in and tell them, Even better, you should be doing it like this instead!

English level: Upper intermediate.

Time shift: Full time

Location: Amsterdam - Netherlands

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