Discover Why Our Clients Choose XimpleHR

We stand out as a boutique agency, offering a personalized touch to every partnership.

Our specialty lies in crafting innovative strategies to attract top talent to your company.

We excel at boosting your Employer Brand visibility and empowering it among Tech & Digital Marketing Professionals.

We're not just about recruitment; we're your trusted advisors, providing valuable insights from the ever-evolving job market.

But what truly sets us apart? We're passionate about what we do, and we thrive on collaboration!

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Ximple Talent Remote Recruit

We foster connections to spark synergy among talents.

We pledge to discover allies for your company, not just traditional employees or freelancers!

Introducing a novel approach to work relationships: The Alliance. No matter their location, technology enables us to assemble remote and distributed teams seamlessly.

Starting with Argentina, where our extensive network of top-tier developers thrives, we’re strategically positioned to meet your needs.

Our agile methodology ensures we find the perfect match for your requirements.


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Ximple Talent Remote Staffing

Need immediate or short-term staffing solutions?

Rest assured, we meticulously select top-tier talent tailored to address your company’s unique needs and challenges.

From sourcing the perfect candidate to handling payroll and management, consider it all taken care of by our expert team.

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Ximple Talent Pick Up

If you prefer professionals to work in-house, we offer expat talents eager to join your team on-site.

Leave the paperwork and sponsorship process to us, ensuring a smooth transition for both you and the candidate.

Our comprehensive support includes visa arrangements, relocation assistance, and settling-in services to guarantee a hassle-free integration.

We take care of every detail so you can focus on leveraging the expertise of top international talent to drive your business forward.