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PHP Fullstack Developer

Startup mobile incubator

We’re looking for someone who leads from the front to help build the foundation that our client will be based upon going forward. We have core systems that are critical to our business that are open-source PHP platforms that have been extensively customised to implement a lot of our business logic. We’re bringing their development in-house and we’re going to wrap them in a Services Oriented Architecture.

That SOA boundary will be the way the rest of  proprietary systems can interact with these underlying systems and so the API architecture of the interface is critical.

We’re looking for an opinionated hands-on architect developer with strong views on API and interface design, who can bring best practice insights in PHP development and add their own unique perspectives into our team.

You’ll be joining a small team making core architectural decisions around how these enterprise systems (CRM, CMS, community forum) will be contained behind a secure API interface and how—behind that facade—the systems can be evolved independently and transparently to the rest of the components of  distributed back-end architecture.

We’re looking for:

  • Outstanding technical skills in PHP
  • Ability to quickly deliver new functionality to the business
  • A rounded full-stack developer who brings insights from other languages
  • Understanding of complex re-architecting projects
  • A proponent of open-source, maybe with their own contributions
  • Strong views on how PHP systems should reflect best practice
  • Someone comfortable with robust discussions around design

This is a challenging role and we’re looking for someone who likes to take control of hard problems. It’s an opportunity for the PHP team, as part of a larger innovation programme, to define and control key aspects of our future architecture and for this person to have a pathway to becoming our Head of Enterprise Systems if they can prove themselves in this role.

English level: Upper intermediate.

Time shift: Full time

Location: Amsterdam

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