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AI Software Engineer

Technology Development Company
Semi Senior / Senior

Our client is seeking a talented person who thinks rigorously and isn't afraid to challenge assumptions. You will work with our engineering team building a critical model that will power their platform.


  • Prototype and validate machine learning/predictive models that will help iOS and Android bots to take smarter decisions
  • Work with a wide array of data representation for solving the problem, that you are expected to own, manage and use
  • Work with the engineering team to ask for key data collected and incorporate AI into platform's core.
  • Solve smaller challenges using supervised approaches (i.e. Computer Vision).
  • Benchmark results against current bots
  • Balance speed and quality, with a focus on tangible results



  • Should have a degree in quant heavy disciplines like Statistics, Engineering, Mathematics, etc.
  • 2+ years experience in ML
  • Familiarized with Deep Learning approaches
  • Team player
  • Flexible and focussed on solutions
  • Organized and self-sufficient


Desired skills

  • Experience with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Fluent in Python
  • Experience with deploying Neural Network models on text data using Tensor-flow, Keras, etc.
  • Experience with Android / iOS development
  • Experience in benchmarking

Level english: Upper Intermediate

Location: Remote

Time shift: Full time

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