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Junior Software Engineer

Hospitality’s only Revenue Strategy Platform
Buenos Aires - Palermo

We are seeking a  Junior Software Engineer to join our client's team. This position is for growing  their engineering team in our Buenos Aires office. 

The technology stack includes Java server technologies, NoSql, Github, single-­page JavaScript web techniques (jQuery, React, and Backbone), and patent­ pending analytical methods on top of MongoDB and AWS.

Desired Skills & Expertise

  • +2 year of experience with scalable server­-side Java; ideally in the design of mission critical enterprise applications
  • Familiarity with data driven and data focused applications, data scalability techniques; ideally a knowledge of SQL as well as modern NoSql techniques
  • Understanding and love of Javascript, CSS, and API­ driven / MVC user interface frameworks
  • Passion for analytical applications, forecasting, data visualization and machine learning.
  • Curiosity about business problems and using modern infrastructure to solve real world challenges


Time shift: Full time

Location: Palermo, Buenos Aires

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