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NodeJS Developer

software testing company

We are looking for a NodeJS Developer to join our client, a US software testing company that provides services to many industries, including financial services, insurance, banking, software development, and others.

We are looking for Developers with JavaScript experience and an understanding of AWS Cloud Services. Your project is responsible for integrations between different Applications (hosted in data centers or the Cloud) using AWS infrastructure.

Day to Day tasks may include (but not limited to) Converting Detailed requirements into Code, Writing Data transformations with AWS Lambda, Configuring/Deploying AWS Infrastructure with Code. Candidate must be able to thrive in a rapidly evolving environment.



  •  Ability to work in an Agile environment through development, testing and delivery
  •  Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application
  •  Proficient understanding of code versioning tools


  •  Effectively analyze technical requirements and produce system code.
  •  Participate in project planning and advise teams of all options to deliver business requirements most effectively
  •  Plan and execute unit and integration tests
  •  Form complete descriptions of all specifications required
  •  Take technical information and translate it so that all stakeholders understand the project
  •  Suggest ideas for creating utilities and streamlining
  •  Generate development scripts in accordance with company protocol
  •  Control data in accordance with the organization and client’s specific security policies
  •  Prepare charts, tables, and logic diagrams needed in development analysis
  • Process analysis and workflow design to build efficient technical solutions


Location: Remote

Time shift: Full time

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