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Back​ End Software Engineer

Semi Senior

We are looking for a Back​ End Software Engineer to join our client Mindera, a developer of technology solutions.

At Mindera they use technology to build products they are proud of. Software engineering applications, including web and mobile, are at the core of what they do.

As a Back End Software Engineer, you’ll be part of the development, and improvement, of the core service-oriented architecture of high-scalable and performant retail platforms. Your services will be used by thousands of customers worldwide and deal with millions of transactions per minute.


  • Service-oriented architectures, design patterns, and data structures;
  • Test automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery;
  • Operational aspects, building performant applications and monitoring them showing you care about your code;
  • Working with relational and non-relational databases,
  • Working with frameworks such as Spring Boot or Vert.x (although not essential);
  • Experience working in an Agile environment, by using methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps;
  • Being self-driven, self-organized, and working with little supervision towards a common team and company purpose;
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery, Pair Programming, etc.
  • Building highly concurrent, transactional, and resilient services.


  • Developing and maintaining features in a collaborative, Agile environment;
  • Writing testable code and ensuring the test coverage stays at the agreed level;
  • Documenting your code;
  • Take ownership of your code every step of the way - from development to deployment and maintenance;
  • Diagnose issues in production and devise solutions for them;
  • Work both autonomously and collaboratively to complete tasks;
  • Be an integral part of solutions design and implementation.


Location: Remote

Time shift: Full time

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