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Test Automation Engineer

Semi Senior

We are looking for a Test Automation Engineer to join our client Mindera, a developer of technology solutions.

Do you feel like you're breaking everything? Working as a Quality Assurance Developer at Mindera, you will ensure that high standards are maintained throughout the development process and within product deliverables. You will also have an important role in the planning and development of automated test suites.


  •  Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban
  •  Leading quality assurance processes and functional testing
  •  Working with Software Engineers to ensure the right levels of testautomation are built to your standards
  •  Testing mobile and web applications
  •  Using source control systems
  • Designing test scenarios, scripts or procedures that fit with theconcepts of Test Automation and Continuous Delivery
  • Creating resilient automated test suites to exercise Web and Mobileapplications with tools like Selenium, Espresso, UI Automator, KIF orXCTest



  • Validating that what you'll be delivering, as a team, meets the business expectations all the way to, and including, Production
  • Continuously find ways to improve the quality of the product
  • Implementing mechanisms to mitigate regressions as much as possible,while continuously validating the quality of what's being delivered
  • Evangelize quality standards in the team! Quality is the responsibility ofabsolutely everyone, but you're there to make sure they don't forget :)
  • Be the advocate the user (and the business) needs! Your input isinvaluable to providing the most user-friendly experience possible
  • Actively participate and contribute to solution designs


Location: Remote

Time shift: Full time


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