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Senior DevOps Engineer

Compañía de e-mail Marketing

XIMPLEHR is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join our client's team, an email marketing platform.


  • Have three or more (3+) years of work experience managing a Public Cloud Provider deployment (Google Cloud preferred but AWS/Azure is also welcome). 
  • Have experiencia with Kubernetes 
  • Are fluent in Linux usage and administration. 
  • Experience managing K8s resources or clusters (preferred GKE) 
  • Experience with Linux-Like OS knowledge (Centos - Ubuntu - Alpine)
  • Have experience with system-level troubleshooting: understanding logs, strace, netstat, top/htop, iostat, etc. 
  • Experience with monitoring tools (ie Prometheus/ DataDog/NewRelic) 
  • Programming languages Bash script - Python - Go 
  • Understanding of distributed systems 
  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures 

You get bonus points for having:

  • Storage knowledge (Glusterfs - NFS - K8s Volumes)
  • Version control - Git (GitLab) 
  • Declarative infrastructure tool (Terraform - Ansible) 
  • CI/CD (Jenkins - GitLabCI - Helm - Kustomize) 
  • GitOps tools (Flux - Argo) -Security (OSSEC - Falco - Google SCC - Docker image scanning tools) 
  • Have experience with database engines such as SQL and NoSQL 
  • MySQL Administration (intermediate) and Administration (beginner to intermediate) 


  • Ensuring the availability of the customer's platform.
  • Promote the pillars of DevOps: leadership, collaborative culture, design for DevOps, continuous integration, continuous testing, elastic infrastructure, continuous monitoring, continuous security, and continuous delivery.
  • Assist internal stakeholders in working through technical issues related to infrastructure and support needs.
  • Act as a technical reference or point of contact on infrastructure related technical issues.
  • Encourage innovation through experimentation.
  • Learn new technologies. 


Location: Remote

English level: Upper-Intermediate

Time shift: Full time

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