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Ssr. Software Developer

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Semi Senior

XimpleHR is looking for talented Semi Senior Software Developers to join our client's team on an open source healthcare technology project for a Danish with US clients. 
You will be responsible for developing and maintaining the project in NestJS using TypeScript.


  • Fluent in English 
  • Passionate about coding and discovering new technologies 
  • Ability to work without supervision 
  • Ideally located in Buenos Aires, but remote position is available
  • The ideal candidate should have experience with the following technologies: 
  • NodeJS 
  • TypeScript 
  • NestJS 
  • MySQL 
  • SQL Server 
  • MongoDB 
  • Redis 
  • ActiveMQ 
  • Infrastructure and software design concepts  
  • Knowledge in Azure and AWS is appreciated 


Time Shift: Full time.

Location: Remote

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