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Emi Labs
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The company

Emi Labs is on a mission to increase Frontline Workers’ access to professional opportunities.

This is a population of 2.7 billion people who represent 80% of the global workforce. They are digitally invisible, which limits their access to career opportunities and growth.

Emi, its main product, is an A.I. recruitment assistant that enables companies to engage in a conversation with each candidate to screen for interested and qualified individuals, while saving recruiters a tremendous amount of time by automating tasks such as screening, skills validation, interview scheduling and document collection.

Year of creation 2017
Employees 58
hyperlink icon 47%
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Average age 31



  • Stock options package
  • Salaries are paid in USD


  • English classes in-company
  • Portuguese classes in-company


  • Extended paternity leave (1 month)
  • Week off during Christmas and New Year
  • 3 weeks of vacations


  • Remote Position
  • Employment as Contractor or Employee

Healthcare & Wellness

  • Monthly wellness reimbursement (gym and other activities)
  • OSDE 310 for the employee and family

Objectives 2022

Some of their objectives for 2022

Hiring Platform drives high business impact:
● Facilitate 5 times more hires than last year in Latam by the end of 2022.
● Facilitate 20x more hires than last year in the U.S. by the end of 2022.
● Achieve Net Dollar Retention of at least 120% by 2022.
● All customers with at least 10% NPS by the end of Q4 2022.

Rapid platform revenue growth:
● Reach first $XM of ARR in the U.S. by the end of 2022.
● 3x Latam ARR growth by the end of 2022.

Get job marketplace up and running:
● Enable hiring with candidates originating from Emi by 2022.

Long Term Plans

They are excited about the long-term opportunities we are going after. They are not planning for a quick exit. There’s a billion-dollar opportunity in just building a SaaS platform for enterprises hiring frontline workers. Still, they believe that the opportunity of creating a marketplace and then, on top of that, a professional development platform is even bigger and more exciting.

Interview Process

What their Interview Process looks like:

● Hiring Manager Initial Call <30/45 mins>
● Deep dive call <45/60 mins> Optional and only if necessary.
● Skills Assessment <60/90 mins>
● Cultural fit interview 1/2 <60/90 mins>
● Reference Check <Async>
● Offer <30 mins>

Culture & Values

They designed their culture from day 1. It represents the culture of the company they want to work at and the culture they need to win. It's based on four cultural values with specific subitems:

People Driven
● They work with a strong sense of ethics
● They create value by solving real problems
● Everyone in their team matters

Humble Learners
● They take difficult challenges outside of their area of expertise
● They always question the established way of thinking
● They seek to surround ourselves with exceptional people to learn from
● They are aware that there is so much they don't know, so they strive to listen and learn

Deliver with focus
● Small steps, big vision
● Results matter more than ideas
● They understand the context so that they can prioritize their tasks

Proactive Ownership
● They take responsibility for the work to be done in an autonomous way
● They always ask "how can we do better?"
● They measure the output of their work

Market Size & Opportunity

There are 2.7B frontline workers globally. So the opportunity is huge if you consider they´ll be the ones streamlining the process for companies, sourcing their candidates, and helping them grow them.


Mateo Cavasotto

Position: Co Founder & CEO
Bio: He is an industrial engineer motivated by learning new things and solving problems. He've been working in the startup space for a while. He worked from the investor perspective and as an early employee of a high-growth startup in Brazil. He chooses Emi every day because they get to solve problems he cares about, and he gets to learn a lot since he is surrounded by people he considers far better than himself.

Andrés Arslanian

Position: CO Founder & CTO

Julio Scopinaro

Position: Head of Product

Nicolás Oteiza

Position: Head of Data Science

Benjamín Echague

Position: Head of Revenue


Front End


Back End


What makes them different?

People work in an entrepreneurial environment, where passion, confidence, perseverance, creativity, dynamism, critical sense, risk-taking, spirit of self-improvement, and decision-making capacity are characteristics that will surround you at Emi Labs. The main focus is on people, both outwardly: with customers, always trying to meet their expectations with excellence; and inwardly: putting the team, their professional development and well-being at the center.