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The company

In 2011, Grace Schroeder created Slingr in Denver, CO, to make app development faster and easier using low-code technology. Since then, the Slingr team has grown a lot, but thee are still pursuing the same mission as they were on day one: Make development better for everyone.
These days, Slingr offers a low-code development platform and professional services driven by a world-class development team. But their mission is bigger than building a great platform. It’s to help the world access the benefits of the new age of software development.

Year of creation 2011
Employees 80



  • Salary in USD or Cryptos

Their Services

- For Startups
Speed to Market
With Slingr, the road to a minimal viable product has never been shorter. Slingr’s professional services division builds exactly what clients need, working in conjunction with the client´s team through the entire process. Project completion from their team is incredibly fast because they build projects on Slingr's low-code platform, which makes development 50% faster and makes it easier for the clients IT department to maintain and monitor the application.

- For Enterprises
Low-code Projects
Slingr Professional Services gives enterprise access to expert low-code developers, working with client´s team to craft truly excellent applications, all on their easily maintainable low-code platform. They put client´s vision and requirements first throughout the process, incorporating feedback throughout development and painstakingly applying the input to their design. And because they build it on low-code, they get it to clients faster than anyone else.

About the culture

At Slingr they deeply value creating a company culture built on connections and well being for their workers. For that reason, they regularly schedule and take pride in creating team-building moments that help develop amazing bonds.


- Integrates with anything

- Super fast and consistent UI

- Tough apps that scale to your needs

- Evolve clients apps along with their business

- Create powerful enterprise apps

Recruitment Process

The process is agile and consists of the following instances:

1- Interview with HR, the manager and the technology director.
2- Code challenge
3- Interview with the client
4- Offer


Diego Gaviola

Position: CTO
Bio: Diego has managed and architected the end-to-end development of the SLINGR low-code development platform which is currently deployed by the Google Cloud Platform. In the past, Diego has had more than 10 years of experience leading teams in creating cloud services across borders.

Julia Gaviola

Position: HR Manager

Sebastián Moyano

Position: Software Engineering Lead
Bio: With over 15 years of technical experience, Sebastián plays an integral part in leading the development, maintenance, and evolution of the SLINGR platform. His skills include software architecture, project management, and cloud computing.

Grace Schroeder

Position: Founder & CEO
Bio: Grace has over 20+ years of experience in leading teams in a startup environment, and especially in a SaaS setting. Grace is charismatic leader who has been the CEO of SLINGR.io since 2010 and plays a large role in the company’s business execution and vision where she leads the team across continents.



Amazon S3
Amazon SQS

Back End


Front End


What makes them different?

Low Code platforms are the future in software development, streamlining the work of developers and allowing them to concentrate on data modeling and on what the customer requires. Slingr's work environment is extremely relaxed and they not only care about the professional growth of the team but also take care of the personal aspect.