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The company

HomeVision builds next-generation tools and technology for the residential real estate appraisal industry.
They exist to build a more equitable and stable housing market through accurate, efficient, and transparent valuations.
Building a more transparent, efficient, and equitable housing market is their goal.

Year of creation 2019
Employees 25
hyperlink icon 20%
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  • Payment in USD


  • 100% Remote
  • Flexibility (for holidays)

About the Product


Mira is the first product to be released as they work to transform the appraisal industry in the United States.

Comprehensive quality control, powered by machine intelligence.
Get higher quality reports, in less time, with less headaches and changes for everyone.

Mira stands for Machine Intelligence Review Assistant. It employs a combination of optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML), coupled with a blazing fast interface to accelerate document review like you’ve never seen before.

About the Team

HomeVision is growing their team to build a home valuation platform for today. They're working to build a more efficient, transparent, and equitable housing market, by empowering real estate professionals, financial institutions, and home buyers with tools and data to make better decisions about a $40 trillion asset class. They are a team of experienced technology and real estate professionals and they are backed by Initialized Capital.

They are a diverse group committed to solving valuation industry problems through unique lenses.

Mortgage and finance veterans, technologists, and operations experts working side by side.

Specifically where >> Remote from cities like San Francisco, Rosario, Buenos Aires, Denver, Nashville, Warsaw, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and more.

About the Culture

They think from first principles and seek the whole truth with qualitative and quantitative data.
They believe in the powers of prioritization and kaizen.
They value autonomy, humility, and curiosity in their teammates, and they act out of love and respect — for their customers, partners, team members, themselves, and everyone else.

The majority of their engineering team is in Argentina and they focus on ownership of their work, partnering closely with the product and business teams with a startup mentality.

Soft Skills Desired

-Career forward
-Interested working with intelligent people
-Solve problem
-No rotation
-Comfort having rapid technical conversations in English
-Willing to work on a variety of tasks


Jeff Foster

Position: Co Founder

Daniel Borok

Position: Board Member

Vincent Chu

Position: CTO & Co Founder


Back End


Front End


What makes them different?

In HomeVision they are not concerned about specific technologies as much as they want people who are talented and motivated, able to work through tricky technical situations while working well with others. The enviroment is perfect for anyone who disires to be challenged and willing to learn from others. They are a diverse group committed to solving valuation industry problems through unique lenses.

Job Openings

We are looking a Software Engineer for our client HomeVision. It is a team of passionate engineers, data scientists, designers, and real estate professionals reimagining home appraisal software using data science and machine learning.