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The company

Change.org is the world’s largest tech platform for people-powered, social change. More than half a billion people across more than 196 countries use their technology-driven petition and campaign tools to speak up on issues they’re passionate about.
Approximately 70,000 petitions are created and supported on their platform every month, with 1.7 million new people joining their global network of users every week. People on Change.org have powered tens of thousands of campaign victories worldwide, and more are winning every week.
Every day, users collaborate to organize on local, national and global issues; hold corporations to account; and demand action from decision makers at the highest levels of government and business. Their platform is free to use, open to all, and completely independent because it’s funded by the people who use it. Their independence makes Change.Org a trusted resource for decision makers, who turn to the platform to hear from and respond to the communities they represent.

Year of creation 2007
Employees 350



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Healthcare & Wellness

  • Comprehensive healthcare options (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Short Term Disability, & Long Term Disability)
  • Company-sponsored Employee Assistance Programs

More about them

The nonprofit Change.org Foundation oversees both the Change.org Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), a wholly owned corporate subsidiary focused on technology, innovation and growth; and the Change.org charitable programs focused on empowering the most marginalized people and communities globally. This hybrid structure of two mutually supporting organizations enables us to combine the ambition and growth trajectory of a tech company with the mission-focused stewardship of a nonprofit.
As an organization, Change.org is committed to providing the tools, resources and support needed to empower anyone, anywhere to create the change they want to see.
Petitions often focus on causes such as general justice, economic justice, criminal justice, human rights, education, environmental protection, animal rights, health, and sustainable food.
The site also provides support and coaching for organizations and paid members to help further advance their causes.

Change.org makes revenue through a subscription membership model and people promoting petitions on the site] In 2013 the organization’s CEO stated its mission: "Our role is to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see.
Change.org is a certified Public Benefit Corporation.
Change.org is a for-profit, "venture-backed company that hosts activist petitions written by members of the public, gathers email addresses from signees, and encourages people to circulate the petitions heavily on social media. While for-profit, Change.org is a public benefit company with B Corp status. It has raised $72 million from backers, including LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman.

Can anyone create a Change.org petition?

On Change.org, people everywhere are empowered to start campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with Decision Makers to drive solutions. Learn the best ways to gain support for your cause and make change! We'll take you through the step by step process from starting your petition to declaring victory.

Their mission

Their mission - to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see - is the tie that binds Change.org staff. It is at the core of every action they take and decision they make. They empower by building tools that enable people's power to take root and grow. They ensure access to these tools globally and stay focused on expanding the reach of Change.org users over time. They offer an open platform, where (within the bounds of our community guidelines) people from all different backgrounds can champion the change they want to see in their communities, countries, and our global society.

Working with Change.Org means

They especially encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities and perspectives to apply. They are actively working to increase the diversity of experience and perspectives on their team.
Change.org is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace.

They invest in serious programs to bring in and support women and people of color, they have in-person onboarding experiences and affinity groups to help everyone feel included, they regularly celebrate the heritage of all staff, and they believe strongly in consistent, fair, and transparent salary scales to help level the playing field.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, or disability or veteran status.
Change.org is committed to building a multicultural organization that contributes to a more equitable world. Their work to embed and advance diversity, equity and inclusion is a foundational building block in enabling and driving the organization's mission.

Here’s a look inside some of their efforts:

- Robust onboarding experience rooted in fostering connection and inclusion
-Employee Resource Groups (for cisgender women, transgender/non-binary, people of Black, Asian, Pacific Islander and Latinx heritage on their staff)
-Racial equity and transgender inclusion training sessions for all staff
-Leadership development for People of Color and transgender/non-binary staff
-Pay equity on the basis of gender identity

About the team

There are approximately 350 people working in Change.Org.
Today, their team is approximately 57% cisgender women, 40% People of Color and 26% non-native English speakers, as an example. In order to achieve effective representation, they work to address under-representation and mitigate bias in their hiring processes.

About the culture

Their Operating Principles are:

User Obsessed: They start with users and work backwards, focused on understanding and solving their problems.

Aim High: They think big and take risks; their mission is too large, and life is too short to be satisfied with incrementalism

Championship Teams: They all contribute to outstanding teams with high expectations, a growth mindset, candid feedback, and effective collaboration.

Debate & Decide: They’re curious, debate openly, embrace disagreement, decide quickly, and commit.

Deliver Results: They find a way to overcome obstacles and deliver work that exceeds goals, via creativity, determination, hard work and resilience.

Connected & Fun: They foster the moments and traditions that bring connection and joy to their day-to-day work.

Focused & Fast: They move quickly enabled by a bias for action, simplicity of approach and ruthless focus.

Money Matters: They aim to invest billions in empowering users; they’re ambitious with revenue, frugal with expenses and high leverage with resources.

Open & Inclusive: They serve all our users, and value different perspectives whether they agree with them or not. They’re respectful, kind and assume good intent across the entire team.


Back End

Ruby On Rails

Front End


What makes them different?

They love their staff . They show it with competitive salaries, unlimited vacation, 18 weeks of parental leave, and a high impact, low-ego team that can’t wait to learn from everyone and teach new hires what they know.