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Our cliente is a US based software testing company that provides services to many industries, including financial services, insurance, banking, software development, and others. 

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer  to join our client

We are looking for a .Net Developers to join our client

We are looking for a Mobile Developer to join our client, is a proven leader in driving your FinTech solution forward.

Our client have a green fields project to completely re-engineer a business from the ground up using the latest technology, best practices and a high-performance team. They’re a startup that experienced rapid and sustained growth, became a huge success and was recently acquired.

The Head of Python Development is the role that will have massive impact on the business in setting the direction of the ERP re-architecture, driving the underlying data architecture and leading data science innovation.

We’re looking for someone who leads from the front to help build the foundation that our client will be based upon going forward. We have core systems that are critical to our business that are open-source PHP platforms that have been extensively customised to implement a lot of our business logic. We’re bringing their development in-house and we’re going to wrap them in a Services Oriented Architecture.

Our client is building a completely greenfield new architecture in the Google Cloud and there's the chance to design and decide everything from the infrastructure architecture to the monitoring, alerting and self-healing strategies.

Are you an engineer who’s a cloud native with the courage to take on a greenfield project where anything is possible? Do you like designing and implementing scalable cloud platforms?

Our client is looking for someone to take the lead in systems architecture and platform evolution. They have two main Python projects, both requiring Python technologists with solid architecture skills in data modelling, inter-service communication, data science / ML and a feel for business modelling and the mapping of core systems to commercial activity.

Our client has an emotionally satisfying task ahead—the systematic dismemberment of our existing PHP web system and its replacement with a beautiful and responsive React website. They're taking the opportunity to completely redesign and rebuild the website to bring the best UX/UI experience to our users. There is a world of possibilities open to them.

We are seeking a Software Engineer (with at least 2 years of experience) to join our client, an hospitality’s only Revenue Strategy Platform in the cloud.

We're looking for a server side Python Developer  to join our client.

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our client.

We are looking for a Java Developer to join our client.

We are looking for Developer is responsible for engineering complex, yet elegant technical solutions by aligning the correct products with client requirements. Candidates will partner closely with our USA-based customer technical team to deliver comprehensive solutions using Oracle process, integration and API technologies. Candidates will possess a solid technical education and good communication skills.

We are looking for a Frontend Developer to join our client

We are looking for a Backend Developer to join our client

We're looking for a Fullstack Developer  to join our client.

En Ximplehr, estamos en búsqueda de un Team Leader para sumar al equipo de nuestro cliente, empresa de comunicación global.

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